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They like to look back on old times.

I don't think Paul will agree with you.

Are you sure you want that one?

I suppose you already know that's my car.

I will forgive him out of consideration.

I get paid 300,000 yen a month.

Does your country have renowned boxers?

He wrote it down lest he should forget it.

He took care of her child.

The substance is light enough to float on the water.

Gerard won't be ready until October.


Andrea got angry when he saw Vadim kissing John.

I will show you around in return.

Send for the doctor at once.

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She kept on talking.

"Thank you, I'd love to have another piece of cake," said the shy young man.

I was deceived by him.

Are the hotel rooms supplied with hair dryers?

She told me that she would go to Paris in August.

Let's hope it stays that way.

I want to go to the store where Ima works.

Marsh says he'll do his best to finish the job before next Monday.

Hubble is a space telescope.

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I wish you had told me this earlier.

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You didn't come at night, you didn't appear during the day either. Do you think we're jacking off? No, we're fucking others!

They were acting strangely.

A river separates the city into east and west.

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When Vernon was a child, her family was dirt poor.

Give me back the TV remote.

This happened purely by accident.

She became engaged to the rich man.

The temperature on Mercury gets so hot it could melt a tin pan.

His sympathy was nothing but show.

Omigod, Lloyd, this is so nice!

It all started on a stormy day.

Many tourists come to this island every year.

The same sounds well!

Why does this happen?

Mr. Smith spoke so quickly that I couldn't understand what he was saying.

Some people watched TV serials every evening.

My brother is small but he has grown a lot recently.

Let the tricks begin!


We're under new management.

I think Ranjit didn't trust me.

They're my cousins.

You know I'm older than you are.

The fruits are dried in the sun.

They all rose.

Coventry is a concrete jungle full of chavs!


I congratulate you on the day of the programmer.

I mean, she's really got charm downpacked.

Everyone wanted to see what Jesper was doing.


He is only twenty six years old and already managing large companies.


Who is this mysterious man?

I don't work for you anymore.

She made a new suit for him.

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I hate this game.

He said to his wife "Are you coming with me"?

One drinks coffee in a cafe.

I don't know him at all.

What was that like?

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He is a serious, hardworking, motivated, grown-up and open-minded person.

I like it out here.

What else could you do?

How many were there?

Negligence is a type of damage or offense.

"Have you finished?" "On the contrary. I haven't even started."

Choose the one you like.

What memory!

She hasn't been married long.

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I'll make it up to Old.

I have almost no money with me.

I'm grateful you volunteered to help.

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When you travel abroad, you feel very expansive, and it's easy to overspend in a mood like that.

If Simon didn't think we needed help, he wouldn't be here.

There is a sort of neo-classical renaissance.


Today, their efforts have paid off and they are in possession of conclusive evidence, an achievement which is indeed commendable.

I have to set up a budget for sales promotion.

Everyone says that Nancy is very pretty.

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French is pretty hard, isn't it?


That's not really my thing.

I know this city pretty well.

That guy is walking pigeon-toed.

He left the Mexican capital to return to Texas.

His name was forgotten.

I have little, if any, interest in popular songs.

Can anybody come with me to a Lady Gaga concert?

The room was filled with cigarette smoke.

Please call me at eight tomorrow morning.

Are the water and electricity included in the rent?

The thick fog made it hard to see the road.

It is difficult to ascertain what really happened.

Soft music is often conducive to sleep.

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Knapper went without food for a whole week.

The Prime Minister is to make a statement today.

Greg looked like he needed help.

If you want a lawyer and can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.

Let's agree on this: you don't tell me what to do, and I won't tell you where to go.

I must tell him the truth tomorrow.

I go to the same school as Kenji.


Brian bought a pound of cheese.

So, what can I do for you?

I met your son yesterday and he politely greeted me.

How much does this sofa cost?

I was only a seven-year-old girl at that time.


The new law was enforced on the people of the island.

I've made a mistake, though I didn't intend to.

The doctor's careful treatment of the patient brought about her quick recovery.

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You're unhappy, aren't you?

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Impressive, isn't it?

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Deb is kind of old, isn't he?

The lack of evidence to the contrary is itself evidence that your theory is probably right.

I don't need a tutor!

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I told them to be careful.

That's very nice.

I drew one.


I don't have long.

Write with a ballpoint pen.

He crossed his legs.


They were transferred from one office to another.

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The motorcycle crashed into a car.


If you don't want to do this, just say so.

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We live in Connemara.


Freedom is the center of American democracy.


My daughter was in a light blue dress.


Jarmo said he didn't do it.

Well, let's make it some other time.

I was leaving home when Kelvin telephoned me.


She looks down on people who are idle.

Owing to the bad weather, the game was put off.

Living without water is out of the question.

What are you standing around for?

I did what needed to be done.

The new arrival was a lovely girl.

We found him alive.

You've definitely improved.

Crude persuasion is to persistently egg someone on.

You must be kidding!

Biscuits can be frozen.

It's unusual for Johan to be so quiet.

I went there by bus and train.

She usually walks to school.

The entire city is in danger.

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You never understand anything.


Cut them some slack.

The girl I went to the movies with is a friend of mine.

None can do it as good as Gregg can.

I'm ashamed because I acted foolishly.

Edward wonders if it's true.

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Sharada isn't very religious.

That's a nice coat.

This is sure.

He'll confess, sooner or later.

He was brave in the face of danger.

May the way of the hero lead to the Triforce.

Move to the left.

The garden was full of beautiful flowers.

Seymour has to make his own decisions.

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Since he has ambitions, he works hard.

I don't want to see Warren naked.

Years ago this principle was widely recognized.

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This is the house.